“Sunset on Lake Conroe” by johnsdigitaldreams.com is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Newcomers Guide to Conroe, Texas


While Houston might be one of the most well-known cities in Texas, it’s one of its northern suburbs that’s been getting a lot of attention. Named one of the fastest growing cities in 2017 and the city with the highest incoming traffic according to a study conducted by Uhaul in 2020, Conroe is quietly becoming a go-to destination for people across the nation. 

So what’s attracting so many people to this quiet, lake-adjacent suburb? From the beautiful scenery to new-build homes to local events, read on to find out what makes Conroe one of the hottest cities in Texas.


Where is Conroe Located

Conroe, Texas is located about 40 miles north of Houston, Texas, the fourth-largest metro in the country. Conroe sits in the county seat of Montgomery County adjacent to the beautiful 22,000 acres Lake Conroe and located near natural attractions such as the Lone Star Hiking Trail and Sam Houston National Forest. Conroe is the perfect blend of urban and rural living where residents can enjoy the quiet of a suburb nestled in a rural setting while still having easy access to all of the amenities that big city life has to offer.


Where to Live in Conroe, Texas

While Conroe has some of the area’s most beautiful communities including April Sound, Walden on Lake Conroe, Bentwater, and Water Crest, one of the city’s main attractions is its thriving new-construction scene. While city’s like The Woodlands have run out of land for new construction, Conroe still offers plenty of new-build opportunities with never-before-lived in homes available in neighborhoods like Ladera Creek, Deer Pines, Lake Windcrest, and Deer Trail II.  

Common neighborhood amenities include golfing, lake access, parks, horse trails, low taxes, and picnic areas.


Things to Do in Conroe, Texas

While Conroe has all the makings of a sleepy suburb, don’t let the beautiful trees and quiet streets fool you. There’s plenty to do within the city limits and even more just a quick drive away. Enjoy local breweries like B-52 Brewing or Southern Star Brewing Company. Take advantage of lakeside living by renting a boat, grabbing a kayak, visiting the Margaritaville resort, or going fishing. Enjoy free live music on the first Thursday of every month with First Thursdays at Heritage Place or drop by local venues like The Red Brick Tavern, Backwoods Saloon, and The Corner Pub to check out who’s playing. 

For outdoor lovers, Conroe is also close to several natural attractions. The Lonestar Hiking Trail is a 96-mile long hiking trail with an additional 32 miles of loops and crossover trails. Starting just south of Richards, Texas, and ending Northwest of Cleveland, Texas, the Lonestar Trail is the longest continuous hiking trail in Texas and is located less than 30 minutes from downtown Conroe. Found along the hiking trail is another popular Texas attraction: The Sam Houston National Forest. One of four national forests in Texas, The Sam Houston National Forest offers hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and boating with the chance to see a variety of wildlife.


Moving to Conroe, Texas

Whether you’ve recently found a job in The Woodlands or Houston or you’re simply looking to relocate your family to a quiet suburb with excellent schools, there’s plenty to look forward to about your move. If you have any questions about relocating to Conroe, buying a home, or finding the right neighborhood for you and your family, my team and I are happy to help. Just reach out and let us know what we can do for you.